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Slovenia was the first EU country to experience the big bang scenario and it did it very satisfactorily, also confirming the technical feasibility of a short dual circulation period (2 weeks), which benefits retailers and business by reducing the burden of handling two different currencies. Eurobarometer on the introduction of the euro in Slovenia . Flash Eurobarometer 208. General public
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In the accession period of Slovenia and up to EU membership in 2004, the interests of the state were represented by the predecessor of the representation, the Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Union. It was established in November 1992, and in 1993 it signed a cooperation agreement with the EU. On 10 June 1996, the parties concluded the Europe Agreement - on the day when
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SLOVENIJA IN EVROPSKA UNIJA Želja, da bi postala članica EU-ja, je bila izražena že ob osamosvojitvi Slovenije leta 1991. Intenzivnejše gospodarsko sodelovanje z državami Evropske unije pa se je začelo šele leta 1993, ko je začel veljati Sporazum o sodelovanju z EU-jem.
Slovenia Prepares for EU Presidency in 2021
Slovenias trade is orientated towards other EU countries, mainly Germany and Italy. This is the result of a wholesale reorientation of trade toward the West and the growing markets of central and eastern Europe in the face of the collapse of its Yugoslav markets. Slovenias economy is highly dependent on foreign trade. Trade equals about 120% of GDP
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Slovenia Economic forecast for Slovenia The Commission publishes a full set of macroeconomic forecasts for the EU and its Member States in spring (May) and autumn (November) and publishes interim forecasts updating GDP and inflation figures in winter (February) and summer (July).
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European Union priorities for 2019-2024 ; What the EU does for its citizens ; EU citizenship ; Countries Slovenia. Capital: Ljubljana; Official EU language(s): Slovenian; EU member country: since 1 May 2004; Currency: euro. Euro area member since 1 January 2007; Schengen: Schengen area member since 21 December 2007; Figures: Geographical size - population - gross domestic product (GDP) per
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Significant contribution of the EU and Slovenia to the development of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. business. Akrapovič - a world renowned brand. science . Zala Slabe - The Slovenian scientist who made a major discovery in the area of biopsychology. science. Slovenian investigative art . innovation. Rock from the surface of the Moon on display at Noordung Centre until the end of
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Slovenia is a geographically diverse country with an terrestrial area of 20 000 km² and a marine areas of over 200 km². The northern part of the country consists of the Alps, the east of the country is part of the Pannonian plain, with the Karst Plateau between the mountains, plains and the coast. It is bordered by 4 other countries. The highest point is Triglav at 2 864m. Slovenia has a
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In the second half of 2021, Slovenia will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the second time.
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